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Investing in Tomorrow's Leader


Transforming Aspirations with Robust Financial Solutions

"Discover boundless opportunities as we unleash the potential of international funding through our robust gateway to global capital. Transform your aspirations into reality with our unparalleled financial solutions."


Amplify Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to bolster government strategy

"Elevate national progress by strategically amplifying Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to reinforce and advance government strategies. Our tailored approach maximizes FDI impact, aligning seamlessly with governmental objectives for sustainable economic growth and development."

Forge a global powerhouse: US & EU tech, Chinese execution, and purposeful integration

"Forge a formidable global powerhouse with the synergy of cutting-edge technology from the US and EU, the precision of Chinese execution, and purposeful integration. Our approach marries the best of innovation, execution excellence, and seamless collaboration, propelling businesses into a new era of international success."


Unwaveringly independent: No Sovereign Guarantee, No Government Borrowing

"Embrace financial autonomy with our unwavering commitment to independence—no Sovereign Guarantee, no Government Borrowing. We safeguard your investments through a steadfast dedication to fiscal sovereignty, ensuring stability and trust in every financial endeavor."

Empower nations: investment-driven growth, job creation, thriving communities, and sustainable environment

"Empower nations through our strategic vision, fostering investment-driven growth, igniting job creation, cultivating thriving communities, and championing a sustainable environment. Our commitment goes beyond financial transactions, shaping a future where prosperity is synonymous with positive societal impact."

Workers Supervising Construction


Industrial Financing

"Rafidain: Fueling diverse sectors—Petrochemical, Telecom, E-commerce, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Investment Banking—with international financing from UK, GCC, and Singapore funds."



We understand the value of a reliable source of high-quality olefins in the petrochemical industry. That's why at Petrochemical, we specialize in converting the bottom of barrels into these essential building blocks of polymers. Our expertise and advanced technology make us the go-to choice for businesses looking for sustainable and efficient petrochemical solutions.


Transform your shopping experience with the cutting-edge e-commerce solutions. Discover convenience, variety, and endless possibilities in our digital marketplace and redefine your lifestyle with ease. We take pride in offering exceptional services that cater to your unique needs.

Delivery Boxes in a Truck
Communication Tower


At Rafidain, we are dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest in telecommunication technology to our customers. With our cutting-edge 5G technologies and advanced support systems, you can be confident that you’re getting the best service possible. Experience the future of telecommunication, with Rafidain.

Real Estate

Our work at Rafidain is aimed at redesigning the country's infrastructure to better meet the needs of the modern world. We are committed to creating vibrant, livable cities that promote commerce, community, and culture. Our projects range from large-scale commercial developments to innovative residential complexes that cater to the needs of diverse populations.

Online banking

Investment Banking

As a leading investment bank, Rafidain provides a wide range of financing services to help businesses grow and expand. Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their unique financing needs and develop customized solutions that meet their goals. With our access to international funding channels and experience in the industry, we are a trusted partner for businesses looking for reliable financing services.


"Empowering nations through strategic global funding, FDI amplification, and tech integration. Unwaveringly independent, fostering growth, jobs, thriving communities, and sustainability."

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